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Applicable for any type of Event:

  1. Seminars: is an educational events a lot like Conference that help businesses connect with attendees by giving them practical information, tools, and skills to Learn and imparting informations , its Usually organized by academic institution or Researchers.
  2. Trade: shows and expos aim to present new products and services which bring similar and like-minded Brands and Audience .
  3. Business & Team Building: Also known as corporate events which help build professional & Strong relationship between a firm's employees which will benefit staff for a better communication , Team Building and bonding this led to a positive impact to your organization. 
  4. Exhibition: Whenever an organization Wants to promote New and/or Existing products and/or services to the public , which shows informations related to their products or New Launched Products and/or Services.
  5. Hybrid Event: its a conferences which it can take place online or offline, or a hybrid of both. 
  6. Annual General Meeting: Also known as ( AGM) which is a formal gathering and meeting of a company's shareholders, Directors & High Level of Managements which Held every year.
  7. Virtual Event and/or Webinar : is an online event that replaces in-person event. Typically, these events are live-streamed.
  8. Press Conference: one of the most well known types of 'conference' outside of the business , Most Often used in Politics , celebrities, ...etc

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Events & Meetings Process 
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With the help of sustained Innovations for Digital solutions ,our Team Are here to help you out to Organize  the process only of E-Ticketing for your Attendees Securely ,  Locations whether online and/or offline , Numbers of Tickets Needed ,S/N per Each Attendees and/or Speakers , Organizer Info , and even the Event Sponsors ( Platinum , Gold , Silver ) , Number of confirmed attendees & Names and details Needed to be Sent once registrations is closed all you have to do is to contact us ,our team will get to know your  needs and to share the link later with your company details ,logo ... etc.